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公共空間空調與空氣品質遠端監控系統簡介 Introduction to the Manager Of Energy
「MOE(Manager Of Energy)」系統配置


The Manager Of Energy (MOE) is designed for controlling of the air conditioning and air quality of public spaces. After receiving the indoor and outdoor air conditions and power usage status, the MOE host will effectively control and utilize the air-conditioning system through simulation and calculation in order to achieve the purpose of comfort, safety and energy saving.
The MOE system adopts a super-energy technology design for air conditioning energy-saving units. Necessary information including indoor, outdoor temperature and humidity, CO, CO2, concentration of suspended particulates, outdoor illumination and lighting control information should be obtained. Then, the information will be used to carry out optimization simulation for indoor air conditioning, air quality and lighting. After data collection and analysis, the air conditioner start-up strategy will be formulated by the host computer. The air conditioner is turned on and off and the load is adjusted according to the outdoor heat load and indoor passenger flow at different periods of time to achieve the optimization of air conditioning comfort and energy saving. The host collects the air quality of all regions and applies system judgement. When the indoor air quality is not good, the system turns on the external air blower with cooperation of the control of the indoor air conditioner to adjust the indoor air quality to a normal value.
The MOE host records all the operational and control information to generate reports for subsequent review, judgment and adjustment and provides users with a convenient, comfortable and safe environment. The MOE system is an important planning project for the quality of public spaces. Its simulation analysis control will be of great help to the public spaces in future MRT stations.

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