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臺灣桃園國際機場聯外捷運系統建設計畫工程第一階段總報告書 General Report of the First Phase of the TIAA MRT Construction Project


The TIAA MRT is the first in many aspects among Taiwan’s domestic transportation service. The system stretches the longest within a single run and is the only system to adopt the hybrid operation with express/commuter overtaking processes. The in-town check-in service and baggage handling services are also the first in domestic transportation. Moreover, the project is constructed by the central government yet operated by local authorities with many construction obstacles such as long steep slopes and small turning radius. These conditions generated great challenge for the project to be promoted.
The TIAA MRT has initiated its services since Mar. 2, 2017. In order to provide a complete review of the progress made in the construction of the TIAA MRT Project from planning, design to construction and pre-operation preparation, BOHSR thoroughly documented the important elements of the project's technology and experience and published this general report on Nov. 2017. Since Jun. 19, 2014, BOHSR has invited various departments and the MRT Engineering Office to participate in 12 editorial meetings, 2 steering meetings and 1 outcome review meeting to accomplish this report. The report included 20 chapters: the summary of the project, engineering and operation planning, design, site acquisition and development, sub-tenders and contracting, project management, civil engineering, construction, E&M construction, DORTS entrusted projects, construction review procedures, property management, in-town check-in and baggage handling services, pre-operation preparation, Supervision and Investigation Committee, system verification and validation, initial inspection and MOTC final inspection and documentation and data management. It is divided into two volumes, a total of 1,470 pages with an attached e-book. This report is a government publication. Interested parties may contact the Publications Section/Government Publications Center at our web site ( for further information.

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