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「高速鐵路臺南車站特定區事業發展用地開發經營案」招商 Tender Invitation for Development and Management Project of Business Development Area in Tainan HSR Station District


The “Development and Management Project of Business Development Area in Tainan HSR Station District” carried out by BOHSR was announced on Feb. 14, 2018 and the tender invitation will be closed on May 21, 2018.
The project covers about 5.86 hectares including ancillary enterprises land (about 4.02 hectares), station area plaza (about 0.8 hectares) and transportation facilities (about 1.04 hectares). The tender specifications include the superficies right of these lands with a limited thirty-year development phase. Renewal of contract is applicable only once, with a limit of 20 years. Future developers should plan and reconfigure the base according to the current urban plan and related regulations, propose an overall development plan, and handle corresponding construction and business operations.
In order to encourage investors to participate, the land rentals is calculated as 1% of the total declared land value in the current period. The royalties are divided into two kinds, fixed royalty and variable royalty. The first five years are free of fixed royalties to reduce the initial risks of investors. After the business is stable, we will receive the variable royalties to achieve the goal of profit sharing between BOHSR and investors. In addition, it is quite profitable to include the uncertainty risk of rising land prices in the mechanism for reducing the royalty for change.
With the Greater Tainan International Expo Center, Academia Sinica-Southern Branch and the Shalun Green Energy Science City entering the district, we hope to attract private investment and business ideas through this tender invitation and encouraging investors to develop in a compound business manner. We would love to see the introduction of commercial facilities such as various retail shopping malls, hotels, offices, restaurants, etc., to drive the passenger load at Tainan Station, enhance the overall demand for commercial trade activities and industrial restructuring opportunities. BOHSR sincerely welcomes all sectors to participate in the investment.

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