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工務知識管理系統 (EKM) 規劃建置簡介 Introduction to the Engineering Knowledge Management System (EKM)

有鑒於此,本局捷運工程處於106年2月開始著手規劃「工務知識管理系統」(Engineering Knowledge Management System ,EKM)。規劃建置之目的係為整合數量龐大之工務文件,利用系統建置之完整性及網路之便利性,提供各類檢索與加值運用,讓使用者能有效、快速操作及透過親和的的介面查詢,提升工務文件管理運用及知識分享之便利性,以保存並傳承珍貴之工務知識,提升工務行政效能。

From the design, construction, testing, and pre-operation phases to the official operation phase, the TIAA MRT System has accumulated a large number of paper documents over the years. In addition, each civil construction and E&M contractors and supervising parties had their own management organization structures as their self-contained paper document management system. The supervising site offices and branches also categorized documents independently. Therefore, no matter project documents or engineering technical data, all have not been systematically classified resulting in difficult access to the scattered resources.
In view of this situation, the MRT Engineering office started planning the Engineering Knowledge Management System (EKM) since February, 2017. The purpose of planning and establishing this system is to integrate the large number of engineering documents, and to utilize the integrated system and the convenient network to provide various types of search and value-added applications. This will also allow users to effectively and quickly operate and access via friendly interfaces. It is hoped to enhance the convenience of the use and management of engineering documents and knowledge sharing to preserve and transmit valuable engineering knowledge and to enhance the effectiveness of public works administration.
The system is expected to achieve the following benefits:
1. Achieve complete digitalization of core engineering knowledge to preserve intellectual assets within the organization.
2. Break through traditional working and management concepts to reduce cost and enhance work efficiency.
3. Establish organization-specific knowledge maps and systematic classification management.
4. Achieve inter-organization resource sharing and experience inheritance.
5. Integrate the new system with existing file management systems for fast and precise search.
6. Achieve cross-platform operation management and instant reading service.
7. Achieve authority control and information security.
The EKM system has been completed in November, 2017 and is currently online and operating. Up to now, there are about 320,000 new engineering materials uploaded to the system database and about 300,000 items have been integrated with the existing electronic file management system so approximately 620,000 items are now in the EKM system. In the future, the system will continue to accept all uploading services of constructions in progress in which the database will grow larger through time. The system will achieve the purpose of knowledge sharing and perseverance of engineering legacies.

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