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本局品質政策簡介說明 Introduction to the Quality Policies of BOHSR
高鐵局證書 ISO 9001(2015年版)。

本局負責國家重大交通建設任務,為期能建設高品質、高實用、符合環保、美觀、永續發展的軌道交通運輸系統,及滿足民眾安全、舒適、快速、便捷的交通需求,訂定品質政策為「卓越、創新、安全、環保」等4項。本局品質管理系統自103年6月10日通過ISO 9001(2008年版)驗證,並於106年7月9日取得ISO 9001(2015年版)進階驗證,藉以提升服務品質及工作效率。

BOHSR is responsible for the country's major transportation construction tasks. In order to build a high-quality, highly practical, environmentally friendly, beautiful and sustainable rail transportation system, and to meet the transportation demands of public safety, comfort, fast and convenient, BOHSR set 4 quality policies: “Excellence, Innovation, Safety, and Environmental Protection”. The Quality Management System of BOHSR has passed ISO 9001 (ver. 2008) since Jun. 10, 2014. Then on Jul. 9, 2017, the system obtained an updated validation of ISO 9001(ver. 2015) to enhance service quality and work efficiency.
In order to implement the quality policy, BOHSR conducted annual reviews to determine the appropriate and effective quality objectives each year. Since BOHSR associates have concretely performed their work according to the quality management procedures, the quality objectives of each year have been successfully achieved in general. Moreover, BOHSR assisted in the mission of official operation of the TIAA MRT System in 2017.

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