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監察委員巡察機場捷運計畫 Control Yuan Members Inspection the TIAA MRT Project


Committee on Transportation and Procurement Affairs of Control Yuan executed the Central Organization Investigation on May 27 and 28 2014 and made their first stop at the TIAA MRT Project. On the first day of inspection (May 27), the Control Yuan delegates including Mei-Ling Yang and the other ten members on the inspection tour and MOTC received the visitors leading with Political Deputy Minister Chien-Yu Chen and followed by Counseler Yung-Sheng Yang, Acting Director General Mu-Heng Wang of Department of Railways and Highways, Director General Ching-Sheng Chen of Department of Navigation and Aviation and Acting Director General Hsiang-Ling Hu of BOHSR.
The inspection party was first assemblied at HSR Taoyuan Station and with the lead of MRT Engineering Office Acting Director Chin-Sheng Chen, took a tour inside the station also the connection passage to TIAA MRT Taoyuan Station (A17) to comprehend on the design of seamless transport. Subsequently, they listened to the briefing on A18 Station external design and public art display. In addition, they looked down on the whole HSR Taoyuan Commercial/ Manufacture Park which is expected to introduce international enterprise office buildings, compound shopping centers and international tourist hotels in the future. The Commercial/ Manufacture Park is estimated to attract over 7 million tourists and bring in at least 10 billion tourism income.
Then, the tour stopped at Operational Control Conter in Chingpu Depot to see the operation situation of future monitoring functions and train dispatch. After seeing the construction video on TIAA MRT, the inspection members gave the following suggestions: the project should bring in an impartial third party view for verification, should simulate different levels of eathquake to test system safety, should engage smoothly with the already operating systems and should focus on passenger safety. At last, they wished to see the fulfillment of the 2015 business operation goal on the premise of high quality and safety.

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