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高鐵延伸屏東可行性研究-航空測量辦理情形 Implementation Status of Aerial Photogrammetry of the HSR Pingtung Extension Line Feasibility Study

為擴大高鐵服務範圍,提供屏東地區民眾搭乘高鐵之便利性,及完善屏東地區軌道建設,交通部研議將高鐵續往南延伸至屏東之可能,由本局委託台灣世曦工程顧問股份有限公司辦理「高鐵延伸屏東計畫站址規劃及配合工作」。為確實掌握本計畫範圍沿線地形、地貌及用地拆遷等相關資訊,並考量高雄及屏東地區已多年未實施補測之情形,故該配合工作中納入辦理本次航空測量作業,涵蓋範圍包括沿路線兩側各500公尺(即約1公里寬帶)。主要測量工作內容係利用航空測量成果繪製1/5,000 地形圖,並製作正射影像鑲嵌圖,以期掌握選定路線周邊現況,提供高鐵延伸選線、設計作業之依據。

For the purpose of expanding the service of Taiwan HSR and providing the convenience of HSR transportation to the residents in Pingtung area, the MOTC deliberated over the possibility of south expansion of the HSR line to complete the railway infrastructures in Pingtung area.
The assignment was commissioned to CECI Engineering Consultants by BOHSR to implement the “Station Site Design and Cooperation Work of the HSR Pingtung Extension Project”. In order to truly grasp the topography, landforms, land-use demolition and other relevant information along the line of this project, and take into consideration that Kaohsiung and Pingtung have not implemented additional surveys for many years, the Aerial Photogrammetry was included in this cooperation work. The coverage includes 500 meters along each side of the route (about 1 km wide). The main measurement work is to draw 1/5,000 topographic maps using aerial photogrammetric results and create orthophoto mosaic graphics in order to grasp the current situation around the selected route. The information will be provided as reference for the HSR extension line and relevant design work.
After official contracting procedure on Feb. 14, 2018, the 1/5,000 geographical measurement work was initiated. As of now, the configuration and measurement of aerial signals and control points have been completed and will be followed by aerial photography operations. The first draft of project results is scheduled to be submitted on Jun. 13, 2018 and the final report to be submitted by Aug. 13, 2018.

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