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機場捷運自動收費系統建置現況 The status of TIAA MRT Automatic Fare Collection System Establishment

機場捷運自動收費系統(ME02標)係由三商電腦公司承攬,具有1. 一般閘門通道寬度提升至70公分(台北捷運為50公分),以方便出國旅客大件行李之通行。2. 全國惟一具有直達車/普通車不同選擇的捷運系統。3. 可使用目前國內各家交通電子票證卡搭乘等三大特點。

TIAA MRT Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) Construction (Tender ME02) was contracted by Mercuries Date Systems Ltd. and was designed to consist of the following 3 characteristics: 1. Passage gates are widened to 70 cm (Taipei Metro: 50 cm) which will provide easier access for passengers with large luggage. 2. National exclusive MRT System that consists both of Express Service and Commuter Service. 3. Accessible for existing transportation tickets.
The AFC System includes Token Issuing Machines (TIM), Automatic Gates (AG), Point-Of-Sale Terminals (POST), Card-vending and Add Value Machines (VAVM), Remaining Value Checking Terminals (RVCT), Automatic Platform Validator Terminals (PVT), Cash Counting Handling Equipment (CCHE), Portable Card Reading Devices (CRD), Station Computer Systems (SCS) and Central Computer Systems (CCS). Since the beginning of this construction in Nov 2010, the designing, manufacturing, prototype and factory test processes have all been finished.
On-site installation and construction tests of AFC have all been performed except for Taipei Main Station (A1), New Taipei Industrial Park Station (A3) and the connection floor facilities of Taipei Metro Yellow Line. Additionally, A1 Station will start construction in Jun. 2014 in accordance to DORTS construction progress and followed by station and system integration tests, that wider passage gates, multi-ticket accessible and choices of Express Service/Commuter Service will be provided for the convenient to passengers in the future.

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