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災防暨動員業務年度講習 --從公共安全角度探討我國社會及緊急救援問題 Disaster Prevention and Transportation Mobilization Annual Workshop - Discussion on Domestic Social and Emergency Rescue from the Perspective of Public Security

她的演說重點為:我國目前緊急救援通常就是各地區的「119」消防單位負責,再與各地區的緊急醫療醫院相連結,至於社會的緊急救援如大家較熟知的家暴等,就歸屬各縣市的社會局主管;但為因應社會快速變遷、經濟結構迅速轉型及家庭形態轉變,造成失業人口、單親家庭、身心障礙者及獨居老人有日趨增加之趨勢,現在進而增加以生活扶助、醫療補助、急難救助與災害防救為輔,而現今各縣市政府社會局的緊急救援已發展到在宅緊急救援通報服務系統,其中包括在宅緊急救援通報、救護車緊急救護通報、緊急事件聯絡人之通知、不活動狀態自主監控等。臺北市、新北市與中興保全更合作發展出提供「隨身發報器」之緊急救援系統服務, 24小時守護中心會透過主機的擴音功能,與長者聯繫了解狀況,即時進行緊急醫療。

For the purpose of allowing BOHSR associates to understand domestic public security issues such as social and emergency rescues, the bureau invited a Social Group Reporter from TVBS News Channel, Ms. Yi-Lun Hsieh, in the morning of Mar. 22 to present a speech on “Discussion on Domestic Social and Emergency Rescue from the Perspective of Public Security” and engage in this discussion.
Her speech focused on the following points. The current emergency rescue in our country is usually the responsibility of the fire department (“119”) in each area, and it is then linked to emergency medical hospitals in various regions. As for the social emergency assistance such as domestic violence, which is more familiar to everybody, the jurisdiction belongs to the social affairs bureau of each county and city. However, in response to the rapid changes in society, the rapid transformation of economic structure, and the transformation of families resulting in the growing trend of number of unemployed people, single-parent families, people with physical and mental disabilities and elderly people living alone, there is now increased support for life, medical assistance, emergency assistance, and disaster prevention and rescue. Nowadays, the emergency services of local governments’ social affairs bureaus have developed the “in-residence emergency notification service system”, including the in-residence emergency rescue notification, the emergency ambulance rescue notification, notification of the emergency contact person, and the independent monitoring of inactive state. Moreover, Taipei and New Taipei City governments have cooperated with Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd. to develop an emergency messenger system service, the “Portable Messenger”. With this device, the 24-hour on-call center will contact the elder through the speaker function of the device to understand the status of the elder and conduct emergency medical treatment immediately if necessary.
In the end, Ms. Hsieh reminded civil servants that in the event of major accidents and emergency catastrophes, in addition to trying their best to rescue, the best way to communicate with the media is to provide correct information and frank communication. Do not conceal or cope with the circumstance and definitely avoid impatient attitudes because such correspondence is absolutely negative both in the media coverage and the image of the general public. Overall, the reactions of associates at the meeting during the exchange of discussions were very enthusiastic.

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