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嘉義市區鐵路高架計畫先期工程文資監看簡介 Introduction to the Preliminary Construction Documentation Supervision of Chiayi Downtown Railway Elevation Project

主要工程除鋼橋(跨北排水幹線)擴建工程、新建擋土牆、路基工程外,依據「嘉義市區鐵路高架化計畫」環境影響說明書,已由嘉義市政府登錄疑似遺址,因此依該書「第十章 預防及減輕開發行為對環境不良影響對策摘要表」之文化史蹟規定,嘉北站至嘉義站間開挖作業期間,考古專業人員應進行跟隨監看。

The preliminary construction of Chiayi Downtown Railway Elevation Project, Chiayi Station Northside Temporary Track Civil Engineering, was contracted to Continental Engineering Corp. and supervised by CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. The construction has officially broken ground on Dec. 21, 2017.
The basic information of this project is as follows:
1.Construction scope: construction site is located between TRA Jiabei Station and Chiayi Station starting from the northside of Boai Overpass in Chiayi City (K294+620 of TRA West Coast Line) to Chiayi Station (K296+300 of TRA West Coast Line). The construction scope passes the Wenhua Rd. Underpass, Boai Overpass, Guohua St. Level Crossing, Beihsin Overpass and other landmarks.
2.Construction duration: 480 days.
Main constructions included steel bridge (cross-drainage north trunk) expansion engineering, new retaining walls and subgrade engineering. In addition, according to the suspected sites were officially registered by the Chiayi City Government. Thus, complying with cultural heritage regulations stated in “Chapter 10: Preventing and alleviating the adverse effects of development on the environment” of the EIS, during the excavation work from Jiabei Station to Chiayi Station, archaeologists should follow and supervise the operations.
In accordance to “The regulations for examination of qualification to excavate on archaeological sites”, the supervisors obtained a memorandum from the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chiayi City (CABCY). Prior to execution of elimination and excavation operations, the supervisors invited CABCY to inspect the condition of the preliminary construction scope in which no railway cultural facilities or landscape sites have been found to have preserved value. Subsequent construction of cultural sites will be monitored. If any railway cultural facilities or landscapes with preserved values within the project scope are found, they will be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Cultural Heritage Preservation Act”.

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