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107年2~4月本局環境教育執行成果報導 Implementation Report for 2018 BOHSR Environmental Education Trainings During February to April

107年2~4月本局(含捷工處)共舉辦了3場環境教育訓練,第1場於3月6日舉辦,兼具室內及戶外課程,由陳副總工程司景池擔任領隊,邀請台灣原生植物保育協會常務監事陳世揚講師演講「原生植物之美及其重要性」,並前往新店小粗坑,由陳世揚及吳金鳳2位講師現場導覽原生植物的種類及外來植物對台灣環境的危害,讓同仁辨別台灣原生植物及外來物種的差別。第2場於4月23日舉辦,邀請銘傳大學建築系徐明松教授以「斯里蘭卡建築師Geffery Bawa的熱帶呼喚」及「瑞士建築師Peter Zumthor的詩意場所」的案例,分享建築與環境結合的重要性,2位世界知名的建築師的理念都是以環境為主的建築設計理念。

BOHSR has actively promoted environmental education work each year. In order to allow associates to actually understand the concept of promoting environmental protection and ecology in Taiwan and to comply with the environmental education regulations, BOHSR stipulated the goal of at least 4 learning hours per year for each associate. Through outdoor trainings and in-house lectures, the students will understand the importance of environmental protection and educational heritage, and they are expected to influence more private enterprises and the public to participate in environmental protection.
During February to April in 2018, BOHSR (including the MRT Engineering Office) held 3 environmental education trainings. The 1st training was conducted on Mar. 6 which included both indoor and outdoor courses. The training was led by Deputy Chief Engineer Ching-Chih Chen with special instructor from Taiwan Native Plant Society (TNPS), Executive Supervisor Shih-Yang Chen. The instructor first presented a lecture on “The Beauty and Importance of Native Plants” at the 1st Conference Room on the 13th floor. Then, in the afternoon, the class was taken to Xindian Xiaocukeng with 2 instructors, Shih-Yang Chen and Ching-Fung Wu, guiding the tour introducing the species of native plants and the harm of exotic plants to the environment in Taiwan which allowed the students to distinguish the differences between native Taiwanese plants and exotic species. The 2nd training was held on Apr. 23 in which Professor Shyu, Ming-Song from Ming Chuan University was invited. The professor shared the importance of the combination of architecture and the environment with the case of the “Summer Call of Sri Lankan Architect Geeffery Bawa” and the “Poetic Place of Swiss Architect Peter Zumthor”. The philosophies of both world-renowned architects are architectural design concepts that emphasized on the environment.
The MRT Engineering Office also carried out its 1st environmental education training on Apr. 26. From Apr. 28 to 29, the BOHSR played the role of instructor in the event “The 10th Save The Frogs Day in 2018 - Basic Training of Taipei Grass Frogs and its Environment Biological Survey" in Tainan Pheasant-tailed Jacana Eco-Educational Nature Park executed by Taipei Zoo. Through this opportunity, the Office invited researcher Shuan-You Lin from Taipei Zoo to elaborate on the investigation and research results of the Zoo on the Taipei grass frog (Hylarana taipehensis) and the discovery of the Taipei grass frogs in the Pheasant-tailed Jacana Eco-Educational Nature Park and adjacent farmland areas. Frogs are very sensitive to the environment and are ecological indicators that environmentalists often use to determine the degree of environmental pollution. Instructor Shuan-You explained the breeding process, life history, and recent research results of the Taipei grass frog in a humorous and interesting manner, which gave rise to great interest and enthusiastic questions from the students and thus gained a better understanding of biodiversity. Then, Instructor Nian-Chu Chen, former Deputy Director of FTV Interview Center and current Lecturer of Department of Communications Management, Shih-Hsin University, shared with the class about “Lens Narrative about Environmental Events”. He said that this era is already an era when everyone can be a reporter. He indicated that public organizations should adjust the idea of decrees to social concepts that interact with the public. The instructor taught students the basic concepts of shooting including camera movements, emphasizing that everyone can use their phone to shoot good quality and inspiring videos through training. Even the engineers can make vivid records on their mobile phones during post.
It has been 16 years since BOHSR took up the work of environmental education trainings. The focus of this year's environmental education will be on enhancing the ability to integrate ecological concepts into planning, design, and construction. In the design of the training, it allowed associates to understand that environmental protection can start from their jobs and then implement in daily lives, as long as they began to change their mindsets. It is just like the concept of jacana conservation that has been promoted BOHSR for so many years. There were many related reports on the HSR magazine, “TLife”, in the year of 2017. This is a testimony of BOHSR's influence on the more active involvement of private companies (THSRC) in environmental protection in Taiwan.

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