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營運監理「安全、智慧及國際」 營運監理「安全、智慧及國際」

2、智慧面:現今軌道運輸系統已逐漸跳脫傳統獨立封閉式架構,進而趨向IP化、智慧化,提供多元豐富的可能性,未來的挑戰將在於有效運用與整合人工智慧(AI)、物聯網(IoT)、大數據(Big Data),藉以強化行車控制、管理及營運效能,讓政府有更準確的決策資訊,軌道營運業者能即時做出必要的安全反應行動及快速且正確地滿足顧客需求,而旅客能擁有充足的即時資訊享受安全美好的旅程。

The service lifecycle of a railway transportation system is quite long and the form of the system has been constantly adapting and reforming under the digital era where the society, economy, environment and technology is changing so fast. In the future, the Railway Bureau will continuously promote and execute railway constructions and also be responsible for operational supervision and accident investigation of Taiwan HSR, TRA, Alishan Forest Railway and the Sugar Railway. In addition, the bureau will establish a comprehensive railway supervision mechanism in order to bring about safe, reliable, stable and comfortable railway services to the public. To achieve this goal, we will put full efforts on the following directions:
1. Safety: (1) To strengthen the independency and profession of accident investigation. Establish an investigation committee to draft up a cultivation mechanism for exclusive investigators and establish a cooperation mechanism with external technical analysis experts on accident investigation. (2) To strengthen the auditory mechanism for railway equipment checks and safety and also self-management, training and service functions of the railway organization. (3) To combine research projects of the Institute of Transportation, MOTC to promote the establishment of a safety management system for the operational agency.
2. Intelligence: Nowadays, the rail transport system has gradually eluded the traditional independent closed architecture, and has become more IP-oriented and intelligent, providing diverse possibilities in the field. The challenge in the near future will be the effective use and integration of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data. Integration of the factors will strengthen traffic control, management and operational efficiency, which will allow the government to have more accurate information for decision-making. It will also allow railway operators to immediately make necessary safety response actions and meet customer needs quickly and correctly which will result in content passengers that have ample instant information to enjoy a safe and beautiful journey.
3. International: Through international technical cooperation or exchange seminars to understand the development of advanced transportation technology and gaining access to relevant technologies and experience, the results will in turn help improve the railway operation supervision mechanism and traffic safety to provide better transportation services.

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