Newsletter 高速鐵路簡訊 . 交通部高速鐵路工程局
編者的話 介紹未來簡訊的呈現方式 Editor’s Note: Introduction to Future Presentation of the Newsletters


In order to improve understanding of the progress of the high-speed rail project for our people and the international community, the Provisional Engineering Office of High Speed Rail released the first “High-speed Rail Newsletter” monthly magazine in October, 1995. The contents are presented in both Chinese and English, and the latest news on the Taiwan high-speed rail construction was conveyed through this periodical magazine. So far, the High-speed Rail Newsletter has been issued 268 volumes.
In order to cooperate with the reform of the government organization in which the Bureau of High Speed Rail (BOHSR) and Railway Reconstruction Bureau (RRB) have been merged into the “Railway Bureau, MOTC”, this issue will be the final issue of the “High-speed Rail Newsletter”. Starting July of 2018, it will be changed to be presented on the official website of the Railway Bureau and the social media. The latest status and news will be passed on to domestic and foreign parties who share interest in our railway businesses. We look forward to the continued attention and suggestions from both new and old friends!

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