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ISO 9001內部稽核員訓練辦理情形 Training Status of ISO 9001 Internal Audit Personnel
本局ISO 9001內部稽核人員參訓實況

本局為推動ISO 9001品質管理系統,由鍾總工程司維力擔任ISO管理代表,召集成立推動小組,並於同年9月起陸續召開幹事會議及委員會議,積極研擬推動策略與方案。經各單位齊心努力,相關作業程序及表單陸續制定完成,於103年4月3日召開文件管理審查會議確認,並於103年5月6日簽奉局長核頒發行。
任一企業組織在品質管理過程中,對於確認品質系統是否被正確實施,以及適時發掘品管問題,並採取矯正預防措施等,內部稽核扮演著關鍵角色。緣此,本局為增強各單位人員稽核能力,並藉由稽核時增進不同業務的了解,於103年4月23、24日辦理2梯次「ISO 9001:2008內部稽核人員教育訓練」,參訓學員達120人,由科建管理顧問股份有限公司派員講授,課程內容除對條文詳加解析外,並針對各議題以穿插個案研究的模式,使學員在模擬演練中充分瞭解內部稽核流程與實際運作。

Due to the promotion of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems in BOHSR, the Chief Engineer Chung is in charge of establishing a promotion team in August 2013. Starting from Sep. 2013, administration meetings and committee meetings were held periodically to actively draft promotion statics and projects. With the cooperation of all relevant staff, the majority of operation procedures and paperwork were coming together. After the document examination meeting on Apr. 3 2014, the operation procedures were officially announced on May 6 2014.
The internal audit plays a significant role in any company to ensure that the quality management systems are actually carried out, problems are discovered duly and rectifying course of actions are adopted. Basing on this concept, BOHSR arranged 2 sessions of "ISO 9001: 2008 Internal Audit Personnel Educational Training" on Apr. 23 and 24 2014 to enhance staffs' auditing abilities and also comprehend the work of other departments during audit. This training was carried out by Kind Management Consulting, Inc. representatives with elaborative explanation on regulations and rules and also individual cases on multiple subjects for trainees to interpret the audit procedure via simulating practices. The training was a huge success with a total of 120 attendees.

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