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103年度公告標售高鐵桃園、臺中、臺南車站特定區土地 2014 Land Tender Announcement for HSR Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan Station Districts


On May 20 2014, BOHSR promulgated 10 HSR Station District Land Tenders including 3 in Taoyuan, 4 in Taichung and 3 in Tainan. Tender openings are scheduled on Jun. 25 11am.
For HSR Taoyuan Station District, Cathay Financial Holdings Co,Ltd and Hwatai Bank together invested 22 hectares of Commercial/ Manufacture Park planning to build Taiwan's first American Outlet; Kindom Construction Corp. used its residency and commercial center experiences planning to turn Taoyuan Sports Park Station (A19) into an International Compound Shopping Center. Taoyuan local companies are all eager to be part of this project in hope of making this district The Tomorrow of Northern Taiwan.
For HSR Taichung Station District, it not only consists of the 3 major railways HSR, TRA and MRT, the station district also forms a golden transit triangle with Port of Taichung and Taichung International Airport. The complete transport functions can increase passenger load and induce local development rapidly, and with the push of this year's public commercial district tenders, further development in the district is greatly anticipated.
Last but not least, HSR Tainan Station District is included in an excellent urban plan. The district consists of high percentage public facility area which is already developed. The environmental quality is great and with little distance from Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), Tainan Technology Industrial Park and College of Photonics, National Chiao Tung University, the district is undoubtedly equipped with national level research and development potential.

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